Mukai is our proprietary middleware environment for developing applications to address complex optimization problems that are NP-hard, often involving multi dimensional solution spaces with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of variables. These NP-hard problems typically lie at the heart of mission critical tasks such as resource allocation and logistics.

The software stack contained in Mukai enables developers to create and deploy applications with superior performance on classical computers and future quantum computers. The techniques built into our modules address common factors of complex problems with quantum-inspired methods to deliver, faster, more precise, and robust insights.

We’re confident in Mukai’s ability to enable organizations to be quantum-ready, while benefiting them with superior performance today on existing compute resources.

Quantum Asset Allocator

Fund managers can now use our quantum asset allocator to leverage quantum-inspired techniques to solve the NP-hard problems gating them from truly optimal portfolio optimization.

QAA leverages classical compute resources to quickly return optimal or near-optimal interactive solutions providing unprecedented insight and analyses into complex financial asset allocation problems. QAA can solve NP-hard problems including cardinality constraints and minimum buy-in constraints, and is powered by the scalable architecture of our Mukai middleware to solve real world fund-sized problems today.

Community Detection

The Quantum Community Detector utilizes advanced graph analytics with quantum-inspired techniques to deliver insights into big data structures like you’ve never experienced before.

QCD can be applied to a variety of complex data sets, including medical. We are currently exploring its potential now in generating insights into medical problems, gaining insights into improving clinical trial design and patient diagnosis.


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